p(RO) tips

Just some tips from me to you!

  • pinch of salt: whenever cooking vegetables, always throw in a pinch of salt. Not only will you flavor whatever you’re cooking but salt will draw out the moisture thus caramelizing the food quicker
  • garbage paper towel: nothing is more annoying than constantly running back and forth to the trash can in your kitchen after every step in a recipe. That’s why I turned to one of my biggest cooking inspirations; Rachel Ray. In her classic cooking show, 30 Minute Meals, she was always seen with a garbage bowl used to hold all of the skins, peels and various other trash until she completed cooking. My rendition is the garbage paper towel. I tuck a clean paper towel to the right of my cutting board and use it to hold all the trash items. When I’m done, I fold the paper towel and dispose of the trash and use the paper towel to wipe my work space.
  • golden ratio: the standard rule of thumb when it comes to making any sort of vinaigrette is 1 part vinegar or acid to 2 parts olive oil. This ensures a delicious texture that still delivers a punch of flavor!
  • perfect rice presentation: In order to achieve that restaurant quality presentation of rice, my dad taught me how to perform the ramekin trick! In a 4-5 inch ramekin, tightly pack the rice about halfway. Slide a plate on top of it and then in one constant motion, flip the plate and ramekin. Quickly but gently lift the ramekin to reveal your perfectly shaped rice!