p(RO) tips

Just some tips from me to you!

  • pinch of salt: whenever cooking vegetables, always throw in a pinch of salt. Not only will you flavor whatever you’re cooking but salt will draw out the moisture thus caramelizing the food quicker
  • garbage paper towel: nothing is more annoying than constantly running back and forth to the trash can in your kitchen after every step in a recipe. That’s why I turned to one of my biggest cooking inspirations; Rachel Ray. In her classic cooking show, 30 Minute Meals, she was always seen with a garbage bowl used to hold all of the skins, peels and various other trash until she completed cooking. My rendition is the garbage paper towel. I tuck a clean paper towel to the right of my cutting board and use it to hold all the trash items. When I’m done, I fold the paper towel and dispose of the trash and use the paper towel to wipe my work space.
  • golden ratio: the standard rule of thumb when it comes to making any sort of vinaigrette is 1 part vinegar or acid to 2 parts olive oil. This ensures a delicious texture that still delivers a punch of flavor!
  • perfect rice presentation: In order to achieve that restaurant quality presentation of rice, my dad taught me how to perform the ramekin trick! In a 4-5 inch ramekin, tightly pack the rice about halfway. Slide a plate on top of it and then in one constant motion, flip the plate and ramekin. Quickly but gently lift the ramekin to reveal your perfectly shaped rice!
  • “wet hand dry hand” method: when dredging or coating an item of food in flour or breadcrumbs before cooking it, designate one hand for dealing with the dry ingredients (flour/breadcrumbs) and the other hand for the wet ingredients (egg/milk). This ensures that your hand doesn’t get breaded in the process! Shout out Guy Fieri for being the first person that I saw on TV that started preaching about this trick!
  • panko breadcrumbs: when it comes to dredging anything, the now common type of breadcrumb used is panko. Coming from Japan, panko is a light, airy extra crisp breadcrumb. The main difference between panko and normal breadcrumbs is that it the bread is processed into large flakes, rather than crumbs, and then dried. This allows for an extra crispy crust on anything that you bake or fry. Definitely check it out!

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